Getting data files into Tercen is a simple process. Follow these instructions to learn how to upload FCS files.


Some things you need to check before you start.

Data is uploaded to a Tercen Project. Make sure you have one created before you start following this guide.

The data set should be cleaned (removing debris and doublets) in a commonly used flow cytometry data analysis software (e.g. FlowJo) and export compensated data as FCS files.

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Watch a video of how it's done:

tip: Open the video in another browser tab beside Tercen. That way, you can pause it and follow along with the instructions.

Upload an FCS file

On the project screen, there is a button called New Data Set.

This opens the screen to choose the type of file you are uploading.

You will see a list of file types which Tercen supports, Choose FCS from this list.

Press the choose file button to browse to your files location and select it.


If you have multiple FCS files with the same staining and measurement setting condition it is possible to compress them into a zip folder and upload them together.

Tercen automatically detects your file name but you can give your data an alternative name if you wish.

Now press the Upload button.


You can move on to analysing your data by making a workflow.

Learn More.

Learn about uploading other file types.

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