The search function in Tercen looks for objects that are relevant to your keywords.

Tercen search will find.

  • Projects

  • Workflows

  • Data Files (Tables)

  • Documents

  • Teams

For example.

The search checks the name and the description of the object but it does not search inside the content of documents (such as files).

Tercen does also respond to modifying characters and Boolean Operators entered into your search string.

The rules can be accessed here.

Lucerne Query Parser

The most common useful modifier is the wildcard *

Here are some examples of using the wildcard to find objects you are not sure of the exact spelling.



Example Results


Find objects that begin with "Cra" in name or description

Crab, Crabs, Crayon,


Find objects that finish with "oat" in name or description

Boat, Moat, Afloat


Find objects which follow the structure of this word in name or description

Crab, Crib.

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