Follow these instructions to make a workflow available to your Team as a standardised template.



Some things to check before starting.

Templates are accessed at the team level so you may have to follow this process more than once if you want to activate templates for multiple teams.

It is important to reset any Data Table steps in a workflow before you convert it to a Template.

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Watch a video of how it's done.

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Add the Simple template to your Library

This activates templates within your Team (or your Home page) and creates a folder that workflows can be copied into.

  • Navigate to your Home page or a Team page.

  • Select the Library tab

  • Select the Template tab.

  • Click Add template

  • Select the Simple template so it turns green

  • Click Ok

Convert an existing workflow into a template.

By using the clone function from inside a project.

Navigate to the project which contains a workflow you want to convert into a template.

Clone the workflow from the list in the Project screen.

Select the Team you added the Simple template to in step one.

Click Next.

Select the templates folder for that team.

Click Next.

Rename the workflow if you wish, and press Ok.

Your Team or Home Library will now show that workflow saved as a template.

Open a Project from within the Team.

Click New workflow

The Template you just created will be displayed for selection.

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