Tercen is a rapid and flexible, drag and drop scientific data analytics platform that requires no coding knowledge.

You can use a colossus of features to help with your analysis, including integrating multivariate data sets, using heatmaps to visualise results, and automate analysis pipelines.

Process can begin right from direct analysis from the instrument.

It easily allows users to share, integrate, compare and build upon large amounts of data in a simple and user friendly environment, all online and in the cloud.

Applications: Flow Cytometry Analysis Software

Tercen provides software specifically designed to be powerful enough for high-dimensional analysis.

We offer the ability to import both fcs and csv files and customise those imports.

The plot features offered are bi-variate, multi-variate, and heatmaps, enabling you to interpret your data in many different ways.

We offer gating, workflow, and workspaces.

Statistical Scientific Data Analytics Features

In terms of statistics, we offer all of the features above to enable your high-dimensional analysis to be as effective and informative as it can be.

We provide single-cell RNA-seq integration, as well as any other molecular readouts.

We want to enable your discoveries, and with Tercen, you can create custom reports online and export them to PDFs.

You can show off all the data you want, the way you need to.

Share your Scientific Data Analytics with an Online Community

We also pride ourselves on our emphasis on collaboration.

With our scientific data analytics platform, you will immediately gain access to the wider scientific community right at your fingertips.

Collaborate with people online, locally, and across the world.

Try Tercen today, and discover for yourself.

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