Join myself and Derek Davies, the STP Training Lead at the Francis Crick Institute in London, as we discuss new high dimensional data analysis approaches.

High Dimensional Flow Cytometry Analysis

The days of single or dual parameter analysis in flow cytometry are almost behind us.

With advent of spectral and mass cytometry, as well as the increasing number of properties new cytometers can look at, it is important to look around at new technologies that can help us to solve these issues.

This webinar looks at concerns in high-dimensional flow cytometry analysis, such as doublets, downsampling, batch effects, flowSOM & stability, and MEM scores. Our CEO Faris Naji takes you through all of these issues, and suggests ways in which you can use or fix them.

Tercen has been created and exists online for free with these issues in mind. It is a completely web-based product, which is easily accessible and fast.

You can upload data, create workflows to insert your data tables into, and run data steps with any operation into it.

Find out more about how Tercen can help.

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