Teams are an important concept in Tercen. You are always part of a team, even if it is just your personal team with only one member. Think of teams like a folder that holds the information about your research. Not just the data and calculations, but information about who and how people access it and what the history of developments in the projects are.


Some things to check before starting.

Teams are made up of members, but they will have to create an account on Tercen first. Get your colleagues to send you their Tercen user names so you can add them to your team.

No time to read?

Watch a video of how it's done.

Tip: Open the video in another browser tab beside Tercen. That way, you can pause it and follow along with the instructions.

Define a team

Researchers are members of a team, and as part of the team, they create and own projects.

Teams have the following characteristics.

  • A user creates a team.

  • The creator is the Administrator of the team.

  • Teams are composed of members.

  • Users can be members of many teams.

  • Teams own a Library of Apps and a set Projects they are applied to

  • Members have access permissions to control how they affect the things the team owns.

To create a team, select the Teams tab on your personal home page.

Press the New Team button and give your team a name.

Tercen builds your team name into URLs to link it to important information and make it navigable. There are some rules to make this work.

Team names can only have alpha-numeric characters.

(No spaces, commas, hash marks etc.)

Team names must be unique.

If somebody else already has "TheLabTeam", you will have to think of something else.

When you have named your team, you can configure members on the administration page.

Enter the user-name of any person you want to add to the team and select their access permissions.

Read - Can view and clone projects
Read Write - Can modify projects, such as adding operators to work-flows
Admin - Can add and remove users to the team and change their permissions

Click the Ok button to save your configuration.

Modifying Teams

A Teams membership can be modified at a later stage.

To do this, access the Team page by clicking its icon.

Select the Members tab

Click the Manage team members link

Now you can Add and Remove team members, or change their access permissions.

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