Tercen is a web app, so everything in it from locations to projects to data has a link that can be clicked. This article points out a few areas of interest in the UI to help you get familiar with moving around.


Some things to check before starting.

Nothing to prepare for this. We are just going to take a walk around.

No time to read?

Watch a video here.

Tip: Open the video in another browser tab beside Tercen. That way, you can pause it and follow along with the instructions.

Exploring your home page.

When you enter the system, you will start on your home page. You know it's your home page because you will have a large personal icon displayed. There are a couple of ways to get back there from wherever you are.

Click Home in the breadcrumb at the top of the page.

Click the Tercen logo.

Header bar

All parts of the header bar are actionable by clicking on them.

  1. Click the Tercen logo to return to your home page at any time.

  2. A breadcrumb pathway shows your current location.

  3. Click Explore to enter the community section of Tercen. Publicly available projects are found here.

  4. In Documentation, You will find user manuals, guides and resources for programmers.

  5. Information icon. This section tells you how much memory and computing power you have used on your projects.

  6. Exit You can sign out of Tercen here.

Home Page Tabs

At the top of the project area, you will see tabs to help you navigate functions.

Projects Tab

This is where your personal projects live. At the top, there is a Recently used section that lists the last four projects you accessed in case you want to return to them quickly.

Teams Tab

This section shows all of the teams you are a member of. Anywhere you see a team icon click on it to go to the Team page.

You can add a New Team with the + plus button or delete a team by clicking on the bin that appears underneath its icon.

Library Tab

This is where you can manage Operators or Apps to make them available for use in your personal projects.

Activities Tab.

This is a log of all of your activity on Tercen. Every time you upload, create or change something, it is recorded. The links are all clickable to bring you right back to where you were working.

Subscription Tab

Here you will see the details of your subscription. You can upgrade or cancel your subscription. Or change your payment method.

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