There is a concept of file for each project. Tercen automatically converts this file into the "Front Page" of your project. Use the Markdown writing structure to quickly create high-quality documentation for the project.

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To create a file for a project, perform the following:

  • Go to the project folder

  • Create a file using the New file button

  • Name the file ``

  • Save it

Voila, you have an empty README.

You can edit it anytime using the edit button, the syntax for the markdown is the standard syntax. Currently, we support the following markdown syntax:

# Section

## Subsection

Here's a guide to markdown if you want to investigate more.
Getting started with Markdown

To embed a view of one of the workflow's data step, use the following syntax.

<div workflowId="4d2ce64e3312592700d1d36dabe7c404" stepId="de008572-2b81-4a4e-9681-cad765c675ab"></div>

Replace the hexadecimal numbers (e.g. 4d2ce64e3312592700d1d36dabe7c404) of the workflowId and stepId to the one which contains the data step you wish to connect with.

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